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202 Park Street

P.O. Box 48
Bishop Hill, IL 61419

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Open 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. daily
from May 1st to October 31st



The following is adapted from an article that appeared in the June 1964 Galvaland Magazine.

You would think that a Major League Baseball team would never play a game in Galva.  However, on September 25, 1922 it did happen as the Chicago White Sox played an exhibition game there.  The game pitted the White Sox against an All-Sar team made up of players from the Three I, Western, and American Leagues.  The game was played on Swanson's Field on the then southwest edge of Galva.  

The White Sox, led by Eddie Collins (their future Hall of Famer), beat the All-Stars 10-6 in front of a large crowd.  Gate proceeds totaled about $2,000. Once expenses were paid the Galva American Legion and the Illinois Valley Baseball League (both sponsors of the game) split the $500 profit.  A reporter at the time described the game as follows: "While the conflict raged on the field, the great crowd was brought to its feet time after time by sensational plays and long hits which shattered all records for distance at the local ball emporium.  It was by far the largest crowd ever to attend a ball game in this city..."

Elmer "Chum" Leaf recalled that those were the days before players had numerals on their shirts and he came up with the scheme to make it easier for the fans to identify the players.  He planned to put numbers on pieces of cloth and then pin them on each player's shirt.  As players were introduced before the game started, fans could list the players number in front of the player's name on their scorecards.  But Eddie Collins was offended by the idea and said, "What do you think we are - a bunch of prisoners with numbers on our backs?  The idea was scrapped and everyone made do as best they could.

Forrest Cady, a former major leaguer from Bishop Hill who caught for Babe Ruth when he pitched for the Boston Red Sox, caught for the All-Stars.  His performance "brought yells of glee from the crowd as he played a flashy game behind the bat and hit three singles out of four times at bat."

I appears that this was an exciting day in Galva history.